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Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Repairs in Abilene, TX

Motorcycle service centers aren’t always easy to find. Most service centers and repair shops around town tend to focus on automobiles and cars rather than motorcycles, and a majority of their technicians don't have the experience or expertise necessary to care for a bike. Thankfully, we here at Kent’s Harley-Davidson® employ a number of expert motorcycle mechanics at our service center here in Abilene, Texas. If you’re located nearby in San Angelo, Brownwood, Taylor County, or Sweetwater, Texas, feel free to stop by anytime for a high-quality repair and maintenance service from the best technicians the motorcycle industry has to offer!Service Department

Routine Maintenance

Buying a motorcycle is quite an investment, and it’s important to care for your model regularly to ensure its longevity. However, if you’re not much of a gearhead, you may struggle to figure out how to complete some of your model’s more complicated maintenance tasks. If you’re having trouble trying to figure out how to replace your brake fluid, change your brake pads, or simply want to relax rather than get your hands dirty changing your model’s oil, be sure to visit us here at Kent’s Harley-Davidson®! We’re happy to complete any of your motorcycle’s routine maintenance tasks, and you’re welcome to browse our impressive stock of motorcycle parts and accessories while you wait.

Motorcycle Customizations

Motorcycle customizations are a great way to ensure your model perfectly suits your unique riding preferences and needs. However, customizations can be complicated, and many owners prefer to have the work done by a professional when possible. If you’re on the hunt for a handy motorcycle customization—and an experienced technician to install it for you—be sure to visit us here at Kent’s Harley-Davidson. We offer an enormous selection of Harley-Davidson® motorcycle customizations, parts, and accessories, and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment so you can have your new equipment quickly installed. Not quite sure which customizations you prefer, or which part is compatible with your model? Just ask one of our helpful staff! Each of our employees has been extensively trained on all of our products and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you’re located nearby in Taylor County, Brownwood, San Angelo or Sweetwater, Texas, we want to encourage you to visit us here at Kent’s Harley-Davidson® for all of your motorcycle needs. While our location here in Abilene, Texas offers an amazing service center for you to take advantage of, we also have helpful parts, accessories, and motorcycle models for sale as well. If you have questions about any of our many services and products feel free to stop by and speak with one of our helpful staff, or give us a call at 325.673.7103.

Schedule Service

We can help you keep your favorite motorcycle in pristine condition! If you have any questions or concerns about getting your Softail®, Sportster®, Street™, Touring bike, or any of our family of motorcycles serviced, feel free to call us at (325) 673-7103 and we'll be happy to help you over the phone or assist you in making an appointment. Come talk to us about how to best maintain your investment and learn more about our available services!